Dolly in Playboy c.1978 


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francisalberts asked: "Why won't you just talk to me?"

The blonde frowned at the question. “Oh, I wish I could. Trust me —— it’s not you.” Who was she to burden him —— or anyone else for that matter —— with problems that were so uniquely hers?

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    Lauren Aquilina Lyrics Sentence Starters

  •  "I could tear your world to shreds."
  •  "Isn't it obvious that we would always get to a place where we would make mistakes?"
  •  "You're so oblivious..."
  •  "So what the hell are we waiting for?"
  •  "There's nothing left to try."
  •  "Will our dreaming be our downfall?"
  •  "Should we lose everything we've got, or settle for something that we're not?"
  •  "I can already feel their hate."
  •  "I don't blame you."
  •  "Who would want to be around me?"
  •  "I promise you won't feel a thing."
  •  "I found hope when I lost you."
  •  "I've forgotten who you are, but I remember that's a good thing."
  •  "You promised me we'd always be fine. I guess you lied."
  •  "How can you lift me up when you're on your knees?"
  •  "I don't know how to love you like I used to."
  •  "You could never be second best."
  •  "I know I've been so cold, but pushing you away is how I cope."
  •  "I'm begging you to choose."
  •  "Why do I always end up bruised?"
  •  "The rules say our emotions don't comply, but we'll defy the rules until we die."
  •  "My world is only you."
  •  "If we're sinners then it feels like heaven to me."
  •  "Time for the rules to change."
  •  "Why won't you just talk to me?"
  •  "There's a universe inside your head."
  •  "Are you ever gonna wake up?"
  •  "I don't know why you're hiding."
  •  "I'd be anything for you, but I'll never fit the bill."
  •  "I'm irrelevant. You'll be fine without me."
  •  "You won't even notice that I'm gone."
  •  "You consume my thoughts, but I'm not sure that I'm in yours at all."
  •  "The worst part of it all is that I desperately still want someone who never wanted me."
  •  "I'm only your everything when you feel alone."
  •  "Gone are the days that I'll cling to you."
  •  "Who the hell are you for the hell you've put me through?"
  •  "Those hardest to love need it most."
  •  "What if we ruin it all, and we love like fools?"
  •  "I want you more than I've wanted anyone. Isn't that dangerous?"
  •  "Oh God, I feel so unprepared."
  •  "Got what I want, but now I'm scared."
  •  "Do I annoy you?"
  •  "Do I offend you with my words?"
  •  "Do I bore you?"
  •  "Leave your mark."
  •  "We won't ever be."
  •  "Forgive me, I'm just so fucked up in the head."
  •  "Do I embarrass you beyond belief?"
  •  "Is losing me such a big relief?"
  •  "Look at all the chaos you've escaped."
  •  "I love your brain but I hate your guts."
  •  "Have you gone blind?"
  •  "Have you forgotten what you have and what is yours?"
  •  "Count your blessings, not your flaws."
  •  "You've got it all."
  •  "You're in control."
  •  "You can be king again."
  •  "There's method in my madness."
  •  "There's no logic in your sadness."
  •  "You don't gain a single thing from misery. Take it from me."
  •  "I can't control my feelings."
  •  "I can't control my thoughts."
  •  "You're completely off limits for more reasons than just one, but I can't stop."
  •  "You're the center of attention."
  •  "I don't want to interfere."
  •  "I wonder if you wonder about me, too."
  •  "My mind is blind to everything but you."
  •  "If you were to stop talking, I don't know what I'd do."
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Sentence Meme || [Kings of Leon Edition]

"Always mad and usually drunk…"
“Always remember the pact that we made…”
“And we’d be so free…happy alone…”
“But everyone says this place is beautiful…”
“But it’s not forever, it’s just tonight…”
“By the look in your eyes… there’s nothing to say…”
“Cancel the thing that I said I’d do…”
“Do you think of me?”
“Don’t be so scared that you can’t make a sound..”
“Don’t forget to love… Before your gone…”
“Don’t you let those tears quench the thirsty ground…”
“Every little things gotta be just right!”
“Everything I cherish is slowly dying or it’s gone…”
“Everything just felt so incomplete…”
“Give me something I can believe in…”
“Given the chance I’m gonna be somebody…”
“Go on, take my hand…”
“I did my best to be an honest man…”
“I don’t care where you’re going, I’m coming along with you…”
“I don’t feel comfortable talking to you…”
“I don’t know where I belong…”
“I don’t know why I keep acting this way…”
“I got no money but I want you so…”
“I got so much I cannot handle…”
“I guess I’ll take off these great sunglasses…”
“I hate you sometimes…”
“I hope it’s gonna make you notice…”
“I just wanna be noticed…”
“I just wanna be there when you’re all alone…”
“I just want to hold you…”
“I just want to make it better…”
“I just want to make it right…”
“I kinda think I like her…”
“I know a place where we can get away…”
“I know that you know where I stand…”
“I know your A to Z…”
“I like you’re point of view, so don’t you shy away…”
“I saw you laughing…”
“I take it back… I never meant it…”
“I tried all the way…”
“I try so awful hard, but I can’t change…”
“I used to see you everyday…”
“I wanna see you…”
“I’d take one in the temple for you…”
“I’ll be the one to show you the way…”
“I’ll be there…”
“I’m a waste of time…”
“I’m searching for something…”
“I’m too young to feel this old…”
“I’ve got nowhere to go…”
“It don’t matter to me…”
“It was me who drove us right in the ground…”
“It’s all better now…”
“It’s safe to say if I don’t get this out of me I might quite easily end up dead or just mad…”
“It’s too late for apologizes, they’re falling at my feet…”
“Just get me out of here…”
“Just know it was you all along who had a hold of my heart…”
“Just so you know I was thinking of you…”
“Keep that smile on your pretty face…”
“Love don’t mean nothing unless there’s something worth fighting for…”
“Makes no difference if your right or wrong…”
“Now don’t be afraid…”
“Oh hell is truly on it’s way…”
“One more thing, before you go…”
“Open up your eyes…”
“Ride out the wave…”
“Rise and shine… Get on your way…”
“She’s absolutely wasted…”
“Stay for me…”
“The time we shared was precious to me…”
“There is nobody that I’d rather hold…”
“There’s a war in my head, I can feel it all…”
“They’re way too young but I’m way too old to preach…”
“This is a celebration…”
“This party is overrated…”
“Wait for me…”
“You know I’m a dancing machine…”
“You know, I could use somebody… someone like you…”
“You told me you loved me…”
“You’re losing your mind…”
“You’re so fucked up again…”
“You’re staying for the weekend…”

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the soulless sam starter pack;


Mix of nsfw, humor, angst, etc. (Insp. x)

"I was expecting… I don’t know, a hug?"
"That’s nasty."
"You finally had what you wanted."
"I hooked up with some other people."
"You promised you’d leave it alone."
"I don’t wanna talk about it."
"They’re already dead and you know it!"
"You coming with me?"
"I guess I just wish you were coming, that’s all."
"Don’t be stupid."
"Sometimes I wonder about me too."
"I need your help. Now."
"Make an exception."
"I’m thirty minutes away, and I will drive to your door if you don’t meet me."
"Welcome to the party, Gutenburg."
"So, how do you know all this?"
"Everyone’s staring at us like we’re child abusers."
"Hey, let’s not get worked up."
*clears throat*
"Change of plans."
"What’s your mileage again?"
"Very mature."
"Son of a bitch won’t answer the phone."
"You’re an idiot."
"So what, you like him better or something?"
"That’s rich. Really."
"I’ll think about it."
"I’m just saying we’re different."
"A deal’s a deal."
"What are you so stoked about?"
"You okay?"
"Hey, where ya been?"
"Do you really think I would let something like that happen on purpose?"
"I got your back, alright? I always have."
"Please, just let me explain."
"I’ve lied to you."
"I don’t know what’s wrong with me."
"I think I need help."
"I didn’t want it to have to come to this."
"I’m sorry. It won’t happen again. Please let me/it go."
"You found him/her, didn’t you?"
"You didn’t call me?"
"It was my idea."
"You shoot first, ask questions later. We needed to ask questions."
"Answer my question."
"Is it a kinky thing?"
"So. I was thinking. You were right."
"I couldn’t care less."
"You wanted the real me. This is it."
"Don’t dump your wackadoo all over us/me."
"What happened to you wanting me to be all honest?"
"I’d do fine without you."
"I think your watch is off; you’ve been gone all night."
"Talk to me. What happened?"
"Can’t I just do all that and have sex with a hippie chick?"
"You’re the one who pizza-rolled Tinkerbell. I’m just doing the math."
"Do you have bigger cups?"
"I’m assuming you have a soul, so what’s your excuse?"
"When’s a deal ever been a good thing?"
"Is that what just happened?"
"Stock up on soap-on-a-rope."
"You can’t look at this emotionally."
"I can’t believe you fell for that."
"That was the plot of _____, idiot."
"I can give a rat’s ass about your little pissing match with _____."
"You owe me!"
"Do you think we’re here to talk this out?"
"This is what friends do for each other."
"You’re not that stupid."
"I just did all of us a favor!"
"Call me nuts, I pay attention."
"How many times do we risk our asses for this?"
"State your terms."
"I gotta do this. I’m sorry."
"You shouldn’t have cornered yourself."
"I’m trying to survive."
"Have a good night."
"You’re a hero."
"Welcome to the future."
"My god, am I really that gawky?"
"You’re jello, pal. Unlike me."
"Nothing personal."
"Somebody’s gotta take charge around here before it’s too late."
"You think I’m bad?"
"There goes your leverage."

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